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Chloe Jones ’15, one of our amazing interns, wrote a great post for the CFA’s blog page about Evan’s exhibition, which is reposted below. She spoke with Virgil Taylor ’15, Sewon Kang ’14, and Stratton Coffman ’14 about the exhibition and captured some behind-the-scenes action with students who spent time with Evan during his residency. […]

If you haven’t been able to come to the gallery yet to see Intellectual Property Donor (and even if you have), you can get a feel for the show from the short video we just posted to YouTube. Thank you to Paul Horton Photography for shooting and editing this wonderful video.

Today The Courant posted it’s article about Evan’s show and two other exhibitions currently at Wesleyan (Planes, Train and Automobiles at the Davison Art Center and Silent Faces at Mansfield Freeman Center for East Asian Studies). Thank you Susan Dunne!

We just received the official photos for the Intellectual Property Donor exhibition and wanted to share a selection of them. Thank you to John Groo, our photographer and Sewon Kang ’14 and Virgil Taylor ’15 for being our models. For more wonderful photos, check out The Wesleyan Connection’s post on Evan’s show.

Evan Roth Artist Talk

On the date of the opening of Intellectual Property Donor, Evan spoke about how he found out that he was actually an artist, what it’s like to run around with graffiti artists in the middle of the night and what inspired the works in the show. At the end of the talk Evan noted that […]

Last night we had a fantastic discussion about art and open source during our panel discussion connected with Evan Roth show in Zilkha. Thank you to our panelists Max Dietz, Greg Goldberg, Joyce Jacobsen, Isabella Litke and Alec McLane for providing us with such a variety of ways to look at open source and hacking. […]

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at 4:30pm Ezra and Cecile Zilkha Gallery, Room 106 FREE! Once the nearly exclusive purview of lawyers and librarians, questions of copyrights, freedom of information, and open source programming now reach into the lives of everyone. From the knock-off Prada bag, to the distribution of music, to questions of privacy that […]

Tribute to Heather

“Tribute to Heather,” one of the pieces in Intellectual Property Donor, has been challenging for some users to access on their smartphones in the gallery. We’re working on fixing that, but in the meantime you can watch the works online.

Exhibition Photos

Evan has already posted several photos to his website of the Intellectual Property Donor exhibition. They look amazing. Thanks Evan!

Thank you Argus and Hazem Fahmy for the wonderful front page article on Intellectual Property Donor. Take a read here.

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